Vestige Marketing Plan 2022- How Start & Earn Millions

Vestige Marketing. Vestige Company

In this post, we have come up with a simple answer to this question. What is Vestige Marketing? Along with this, we will also give complete information about the Vestige Company.

Millions of people have been successful in Vestige marketing plan and are making millions of crores of income each month. With the help of the Vestige Business Plan, you can earn many times more than a government job.

whether you are a student, employee, housewife, professional, or farmer, you can give all the Westies who are 18 years of age a chance to earn money.

What is vestige?

Vestige is a direct selling company or network marketing company started by Mr Gautam Bali. You can also say vestige is a chain system product selling company.

Mr Gautam Bali started a simple and effective business company called Vestige in 2004. It is a very large network marketing company whose network is spread across the corners of our country.

  • Vestige was launched on June 2, 2007, with two offices in Delhi and Bangalore.
  • Today the company has more than 50 branch offices and more than 5000 distribution centres.
  • India’s number one multi-level marketing company.
  • Team Vestige is successful management that is running a strong system in the MLM sector in India.
  • Successful management of this company made the company India’s top MLM company.
  • All of our directors have many years of industry experience.
  • Directors are guided through multi-level marketing.
  • All directors should have 15 to 20 years of operation in company management and their respective fields.
  • More than 10,000 people in Vestiges earn more than a million a month.
  • 150 people have taken cars like BMW, MERCEDES, AUDI, JAGUAR.

Benefits Of Products-

The benefits of purchasing vestige products are you get good health, Money, a House, a luxury car, a foreign trip, freedom of time, goodwill, and more.

15% to 20% M.R.P Discount on Rs.3000 Purchasing.

10% of Product free Rs.3000 Purchasing.

5% to 11% Cashback on Rs.3000 Purchasing Products.

If you purchase vestige products with consistency 4 Months of Rs. 3000 you will get 5th month free products of Rs.3000.

Vestige Marketing Plan 2022-

The Business Plan of Vestige Marketing is to provide or sell the products that we use daily. The vision of the vestige is to deliver good and high-quality products to the customer at a reasonable price by giving discounts and offers on every product of the vestige.

vestige marketing is a direct selling company that is no disturber, no seller in vestige plan, the product is directly received to customer.

The main vestige marketing plan is giving business opportunities to customers. If you buy or refer product of vestige you will get PV means 1 PV means Rs.33.

Vestige company manufactures health care, health food, personal care, home care, oral care, women’s hygiene, cosmetics, and Ayurvedic medicines.

Vestige Best Deals from where you can buy branded goods such as Dabur, Amul, Mother Dairy, Pepsi, Rajdhani, Goldie Masala, Catch Masala, etc.

There are no fees to join the vestige just you have to use vestige products instead of your chemical products.

Promotion Levels In Vestige Marketing

Sr.No Status In Vestige
1 Sliver Director
2 Gold Director
3 Start Director
4 Diamond Director
5 Crown Director
6 Universal Crown Director
7 Double Crown Director
8 Double Universal Crown Director

Fund & Bonus In Vestige Company-

  • Performance Bonus-5%to 11%

Convert PV to BV and then find its percentage. 8% 4500 PV 11% Your performance bonus will come, eg 250 PV Performance Bonus – 250 PV – 18: 4500 BV 4500 x 5% = Rs. 225 /-

  •  1 Point Value ( PV ) = 18 Business Volume ( BV ).
  •  1 Point Value ( PV ) = Rs . 33 Approx.

PV means point value and 1 point value/ 1 Pv value in vestige is 33 approx.

In Vestige Marketing the performance is dependent on PV, Your selling is converting in PV. PV means Point Value and 1 PV price in vestige is Rs.33 approx. In this marketing, your performance level and bonus depend on PV.

vestige 1 PV= 33 rupees.

  • Branze Director Bonus-4%

Bronze Director Bonus (BDB) 4% of Vestige Company Monthly PV 4% with Bronze Director Bonus (BDB) Allocated in the form. To measure “point sharing” Provided by the system qualifier Gone Bronze Director is based on bonus points.

BDB The point value changes with each business month And monthly form according to the formula shown below To Is calculated.

  • Business Building Bonus-14%

The Business Binding Bonus (BBB) ​​allocates a Business Billing Bonus (BBB) ​​of 14% of Vestige Company’s monthly PV.

Based on the Business Building Bonus Points received from the qualifiers, it is calculated by the ‘Point Sharing System’.

  • Leadership Overfunding Bonus-16%

When your boss becomes a group director, you become a Silver Director, and when that group does a business of 5625 PV a month and adds 1801 PV to the rest of your group’s business, you also get a leadership overriding bonus. Which are the largest earnings given by the company.

  • Traval Fund-5% In MLM Vestige

When you become a Silver Director, the company starts giving you travel fund income as a gift. The company travels twice a year, once in Asia and once in Europe and all expenses come through our travel fund.

  • Car Fund-5% In Vestige Marketing

When you help your three groups and make them directors, you become a star director and the three groups work for 2001 PV for three months and the remaining groups have 1001 PV, then the company starts giving you car funds.

He earns a maximum of Rs 80,000 per month. Vestige has more than 5000 car recipients.

  • House Fund-3% 

When you help your six groups and make them directors. Then you become the Crown Director and the six groups will continue your business for three months 2001 PV.

The ownership of the remaining groups will come to you, after which the company will start giving you in-house funding. Once eligible, the Home Fund gets a maximum of Rs. 100000 per month.

Why we join vestige in vestige?

  • The highest direct selling company in India.
  • Discount international production with low rates and free products per month.
  • 2500+ DOLCP stores and online professors.
  • Excellent education systems and programs.
  • Accumulated business plan according to your every wish … income tax, car, building funds, and good income.
  • 5000+ people car Achiever.
  • 150+ more People luxury cars Achiever.
  • More than 12 lakh people are getting income from Vestige.
  • vestige Business Went to Dubai, Nepal, Bahrain, Bangladesh West.

Vision Of Vestige marketing-2025

  1. It tops the list of top 10 companies in the world.
  2. Establishing in 50 countries.
  3. Becoming 20000 crore company.
  4. Storage of 1 lakh cars.
  5. Storage of 10000 wooden cars

How to join vestige marketing?

Vestige is the first direct selling company in India in which you can earn crores of rupees without investing, first, you need sponsors to go to Vestige and if you want to join other branches of Vestige. You can go and get in touch, no charge for joining.

If you want to join vestige marketing, you can also DM us on or you also contact us- contact form.


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