12 types of investments that you can easily invest.

12 types of investments

There are 12 types of investments that you can easily invest in. I am telling you how you can invest in each option and how much return you will get in it. Then you can choose the best investment option for yourself.

According to Time and  Money, How much money do you have, how long do you want to invest, how much do you want to invest monthly, and how long do you want to invest? Accordingly, you can choose the best option for yourself or you can also make multiple investments.

Friends, I published this post because most people have no knowledge of investing or some people think that they need a lot of money to invest. If you can start investing from Rs 5,000, then I am also telling you which types of investment in India is better for you.

Today everyone invests money for future safety and increasing income. People knew that day by day increase inflation, so everyone invests money but they do not know which is the best types of investment that give security and high returns. we bring 12 types of high return investments option for everyone.

First, we want to know what is an investment and why investment is necessary and why is it important?

About Investment-

Investing means that you invest your money in a way that you think will benefit you in the future. We call this investment.

Nowadays there are a lot of types of investments in India to invest money for future benefits or good return on investment but select those ways that you give the best return on your investment. we tell you the best 12 types of investments that really give you a high return on your investments.

Advantages of Investment

There are a lot of advantages of investment for the future but we tell the top 7 advantages of investing in India.

  1. Source of income
  2. Creating assets
  3. Meeting Financial Goals
  4. Retirement Planning
  5. Economic independence
  6. Combating Inflation
  7. Advantage of Compounding
  8. Future safety
  9. For higher education
  10. Business

12 types of investments.

1.Mutual fund-

Mutual fund companies collect money from the people and some of them invest in the stock market and share the profits made by the people. You can get 10-15% annual growth in a mutual fund. But if mutual fund companies lose, so do you.

Nowadays it is very easy to invest in mutual funds. If you can invest a small amount every month. So you can also invest money in mutual funds.

The advantage of investing in a mutual fund direct scheme is that you do not have to pay a commission. Therefore, your return on a long-term investment will be very high. One of the problems with investing in such a mutual fund is that you do the research yourself.

There are 4 types of mutual fund investment.

  1. Equity mutual fund
  2. Debt mutual fund
  3. Hybrid Mutual Fund
  4. Solution-oriented mutual fund

2.Share market-

The share market is a market where the share of various companies is traded. It’s like any other general market where people go and work buying and selling shares.

This is a type of investment with high risk and high return. If you want to invest in the stock market, you must knowledge it.

You know mutual funds, you can invest in a mutual fund. What happens is you buy shares of a company. For example, if it goes up to Rs 100 and its price goes up to Rs 110, you will get 10% profit here, but if it goes up to Rs 90, you will lose 10%. So, you need knowledge about the share market.

There are 7 types of shares

  1. Ordinary share.
  2.  Deferred ordinary shares
  3. Non-voting ordinary shares
  4.  Redeemable shares
  5.  Preference shares
  6.  Cumulative preference shares
  7.  Redeemable preference shares.

3.Fixed deposit

FD we get more interest than saving the account. In a savings account, we get 3% to 6% interest, and in FD you get 7% to 9% interest.

You can get FD in any bank or even in private companies. Bank holder can decide for yourself how much amount to FD and for how long FD.

FD is the best investment for that person who no more knowledge about investment or share market.

There are 5 Advantages of a fixed deposit.

  • A term deposit is one of the safest investments.
  • Your fixed deposits will not affect the market fluctuations, which will protect your investment capital.
  • Some financiers also offer higher interest rates on FDs to senior citizens.
  • Fixed returns, guaranteed returns, and no risk on the principal amount.
  • you can choose to pay interest from time to time to manage your monthly expenses.

4.Post office time deposit-

Post office time deposit is the same as a bank FD. Time Deposit Account Post Time Fees are one of the most popular savings plans. People like it because of the good amount of interest return on this investment.

Here you get an interest rate of 7 to 8% and here you can get FD of minimum and maximum amount.


The decline in global production has led to a deep recession in the assessment of the global economy and many other asset classes are not getting good returns. In such a scenario, gold has emerged as a safe option for investors around the world.

Although the demand for physical gold is currently decreasing because, in lockdowns, people are investing digitally in gold.

There are the best 5 types of gold investments and purchases.

  1. Purchase physical gold from local jewelers.
  2. Investment in Gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).
  3. Gold Accumulation Scheme (GAP).
  4. Buy or sell gold on futures/options platforms.
  5. Investment in Sovereign Gold Bonds issued by the Government of India.

Advantages of gold investment.

  • It is very easy to buy.
  • You can wear it anytime and anywhere.
  • Easily sell and borrow against it at the same time.

Disadvantages of gold investment.

  • Banks only sell it, not buy it. You have to go to a jewelry shop to buy it.
  • You will have to pay to convert it into jewelry.
  • It always sells at a lower price than the market.

6.Invest In IPO-

When a private company lists its equity shares in the stock market to grow its business and raise money from the public, this knows as IPO.

IPO means the initial point opening. Whenever a company issues its shares, before that it launches its IPO and then after the formation of an IPO share, purchase from the IPO or the company and clouds create public to the public.

It is also high risk and high return types of investments, if you have the knowledge or get IPO knowledge you can make the best return on this investment.

Most companies have IPOs every month and some of them have good IPOs which allows investors to invest in them and earn good returns.

There are 3 main reasons for any company to bring in an IPO.

  1. Grow and expand the business.
  2. Increase in capital and funds.
  3. Grow as a brand in the market.


Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It is the same as other currencies that as Doller, Rupees, etc. It is a digital currency. we cannot touch or see bitcoin but we can invest in bitcoin digitally and it is high risk and high return types of investments.

If you are complete knowledge about bitcoin you can invest.

You can install Bitcoin as a Bitcoin Wallet on your computer or mobile phone. This will create your first bitcoin address, and you can create multiple addresses.

Bitcoin has become the most expensive currency in the world. , the market value of Bitcoin is in lakh. This can be done without a bank through a computer network. At the same time, the currency is also kept in a digital wallet.

How to Invest in Bitcoin?

Nowadays Bitcoin investment is very easy. you can invest in bitcoin through mobile apps or websites. To invest in a bitcoin coin, you have to create an account on a website or apps then you can buy bitcoin.

If you invest in bitcoin and its value increases you will get a profit on your investment and the value of bitcoin is decrease you will get lost. But Nowadays the value of bitcoin is increase day by day and there are a lot of peoples who invest in bitcoin

8.Real Estate-

In real estate, those people invest they have a lot of money. If you invest in real estate investors like you buy plat, rowhouse, land, etc in future you will get 10% to 12% growth on your investment.

  • you can also buy a real investment and give it on rent.
  • The real investment is only a high return investment.
  • There is no risk or loss in this type of investment.
  • You can also earn monthly income by giving on rent.
  • On this investment, you will get a high return on this investment option.
  • The real investment is secured investment and when you want you to buy and sell.
  • You can also buy a share of real investment.

9.Insurance Plan-

Every man should invest in two insurance. First health insurance and second term insurance plan, if you discuss early insurance you can be hospitalized anytime. Your health can deteriorate at any time and nowadays even in small problems the cost of a hospital reaches 25 thousand and 50 thousand rupees and in such a situation you have to pay an option.

So if you want to avoid this, then you can invest in health insurance. By taking only 5 to 6 thousand insurance premiums per year, you can get health coverage from two to three lakh rupees. This means that if you are hospitalized, the insurance company will provide you with all the hospital expenses and other insurance plans. You should invest in it.

If a person earns something in the family and he does not live in this world, what will happen to his family. If there is no source of income, the situation gets worse, so you should ensure your life.

There are 7 main types of Insurance

  1. Life insurance
  2. Health insurance
  3. Property insurance
  4. Guarantee Insurance
  5. Marine Insurance
  6. Fire Insurance
  7. Vehicle insurance

10.Invest In Bond-

A bond is like a fixed income in which an investor gives a fixed loan to a company or government, in which an interest rate is fixed or can be changed based on a fixed formula. Central governments, state governments, corporations, and companies raise money for their projects through bonds.

Bond investment option where any common man can invest in small to large investments. The longer you invest in bonds, the better return you will get. So bonds are a good and beneficial type.

There are 10 types of bonds

  1. Government Bond
  2. Municipal Bond
  3. Corporate Bond
  4. Secure Bond
  5. Insecure Bond
  6. Perpetual Bond
  7. Zero-Coupon Bond
  8. Inflation Bond
  9. Callable Bond
  10. Convertible Bond


An Initial Coin Offer (ICO) or Initial Currency Offer is a type of money that uses encryption. This is usually a type of crowdfunding, although private ICOs that do not require public investment is also possible.

Like there is an IPO in the stock market. Initial point sharing leads to an initial offer in cryptocurrency. This is also an investment type.

ICOs can be a source of capital for start-ups.

There are four types of ICO

  1. Reward Tokens.
  2. Equity Tokens
  3. Utility Tokens
  4. Asset Tokens


An annuity is a contract between the investor and the insurance company, and the investor pays a lump sum instead of the money regularly paid by the insurer.

There are 5 main types of Annuities.

  1. Fixed Annuity.
  2. Deferred Annuity.
  3. Immediate Payment Annuity.
  4. Indexed Annuity.
  5. Individual Retirement Annuity


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