Download Happy New Year 2021 Wishing Script Pro Free.

Download Happy New Year 2021 Wishing Script Pro Free.

Today I am going to give you all  Happy New Year 2021 Wishing Script Free. You can make $100-$500 by making viral this New Year 2021 wishing script.

Everyone wants to make money; a wishing website is a kind of event website, which people make money.

Wishing a website is the easiest way to make money by event blogging. To make money, you can make money by applying ads from any ad network to your site.

The best advertising network for you is Google’s AdSense which pays the most.

We provide the best Happy New Year 2021 Pro Wishing Viral Script Free with mobile and Adsense friendly.

This wishing script is made in the best design with a song.

Make Happy New Year 2021 wishing script.

To make the Happy New Year 2021 wishing script first you have to a blogger account. But you do not have the need to make New Year 2021 wishing script; We will give an already made new year wishing script to you. Just follow the following steps.

Step1- First you have to go to and create a blogger account. Give the name of your blog as per your topics. Ex-New year Wishing Script.

Step2- Then you will see blogger platform Layout, Click on the theme then you see more themes but you have to select Contempo Dark theme.

Step3- If you select the theme then click on the side menu then you see Switch to the first-generation option and click on it and switch it to the First generation.

Step4- If you Switch to the first generation you have to see the new button to edit HTML Button, click on it and remove all old code.

Step5- Download the Happy New Year 2021 Pro Wishing Viral Script from the following link and open it in notepad. You got a new HTML code, Copy all code, and paste it instead of the old code.

Step6- Then click on the save button and click on the preview button, you will see Happy New Year 2021 Pro Wishing Viral Script.

Now in this script, you have to add an additional code to make money, I gave a space to advertise in this post.

So to apply ads, you first have to go to the HTML code of your script and you have to press Ctrl + F and find the ad code, then if a yellow area is highlighted, you have to paste the code instead. And then you have to click save and your ads will be installed.

Download Happy New Year 2021 Wishing Script Free.

Download Happy New Year 2021 Pro Wishing Viral Script Free. We gave the script in the link click on the download button it and open it in notepad.

This script is a copy of the #technovedant sir last New Year wishing script.


If you want to see the Happy New Year Viral Wishing Script design and temple of this script you can visit our script site.


Feature of Happy New Year Wishing Website.

  • This script is fully AdSense friendly.
  • This is a responsive script, it opens easily on mobile, computer, and tablet.
  • You can easily share this on Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • It fills your browser quickly.
  • There is an option to put your name in it, which makes this wish website even better.
  • If you see music in the background, it will play automatically.

How to make viral Wishing Script 2021?

To viral this script you have to join more Whatsapp and other social media public post groups.

Share wishing script to all your friends and another social media platform before two-four days.

You can promote your wishing script on big social media pages by spending some amount on promotions.

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If your script viral or more share by people you can make more money by this script.

How to make money by wishing script?

To make money by viral wishing script you have to already approval the Ad-sense account of Google.

You can also make money by sharing affiliate products banner.

In this, you can use any ad network! If you do not have Google Ad-sense only.


Friends, today we have given you a free New Happy New Year script and told you all how to make it! Now it’s up to you how you make it and how to make it viral! So friends, if you still have a problem, comment in the comment box!

Thanks For reading our blog. Follow the above step and make $100-$500 in this New Year 2021.


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