Happy Diwali Wishing Script 2020 Free Download For Blogger.

Diwali WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script 2020 Free Download

Diwali WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script 2020 Free Download. We all know that Diwali is coming on 14th November. So at the festival of Diwali, you can all make good money through event blogs.

Yes, friends, all you have to do is create and share a script on Blogger or WordPress. Because of the more viral your script, the more you earn.

How you can earn and how you can make your script viral. I will explain to you step by step. So you can read this post in its entirety.

How to make a Diwali wishing script?

You do not have the need to make a Diwali wishing script, We will give an already made Diwali wishing script you. Just you follow the following steps.

Step1- Go to blogger.com and create a new blog ex-Festival wishing script.

Step2- Then go to the theme and select the simple theme and click on the button and Switch to the first-generation classic theme and Switch to the first-generation classic theme.

Step3- Click on the edit button then click on the Edit HTML. Then will open HTML code, Select all HTML code and Delete It.

Step5- Download the Diwali WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script 2020 from the following link and open it in notepad. You got a new HTML code, Copy all code, and paste it instead of the old code.

Step6- Then click on the save button and click on the preview button, you will see Diwali WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script 2020.

Now in the script we give, if you get a chance to place ads in places, you can use any ad network. And can make money.

So to apply ads, you first have to go to the HTML code of your script and you have to press Ctrl + F and find the ad code, then if a yellow area is highlighted, you have to paste the code instead. And then you have to click save and your ads will be installed.

How to download Diwali Wishing Script?

To download the Diwali Wish Script you have to click on the download button below and your script will be downloaded. Which you can open in Notepad. And can copy, paste and paste directly.

  • Direct Download Txt File-
  • Open in Google Drive-


If you want to see the Diwali WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script design and temple of this script you can visit our Diwali wishing script site.


How to make Diwali wish script viral?

You have to go to Google and search “WhatsApp Groups in India”, you will see many websites open any website.

Visit the following websites except the top 10 to 15 websites and join all the WhatsApp groups you find. And to share your script, you need to get rid of those groups after sharing.

This will save your location. You can share this with your friends on Telegram or on Facebook or Instagram.

So in today’s post, I hope you have understood everything better. If you want to ask something else, you can comment and ask. Thank you.


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