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Nowadays blogging is the best way to make money online in 2020 and everyone wants to make blogs for making money online from home. we recommended 12 blogging ideas. These blogging post ideas are the best blogging topic.

The earning from blogging nowadays is very good and easy to make money online. Most of the earning of a blogger is from Google Adsense.

If you want to start blogging to make money, but you do not have blogging ideas in your mind, we provide the best ideas to write blogs for more traffic from google search.

The 12 best blogging ideas for writing blogs and making money. If you write a blog on this topic you can make money starting 10k-20k monthly and more.

The following are the best google daily searches for the 50k-1M of this blogging topic for blogs in 2020.

12 best Blogging Ideas

  1. fitness blog ideas
  2. Tech. Support blogs
  3. Upcoming event blogs
  4. Product review blog
  5. Jokes blogs topics
  6. Breaking News blog
  7. Recipe blog post ideas
  8. Travel blog
  9. Career guide blog
  10. Health blog
  11. lifestyle blog
  12. Motivation bogs


Fitness blogs are the most trending blogs on google. It is the best topic to share fitness tips and healthcare-related costs. The volume of monthly searches on the fitness blog on google is 100k to 200k monthly.

2.Tech. Support blogs-

It is the best blogging topic nowadays to write blogs. Tech support blogs are related to technology. The search volume of blogs on google is 100k-200k or more on google.

3.Upcoming event blogs-

Upcoming event blogs are the best blog post idea to generate more traffic on your blogs. Write blogs on upcoming events such as Diwali status, today’s special, festivals, and more. The search volume of upcoming event blogs is very high.

4.Product review blog-

It is the best blogging post ideas to generate more passive income by reviewing the product. You can earn more money from products arriving on blogs.

You can also earn money through outsourced such as affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and more. If you start a product reviewing blog you can also start affiliate marketing to generate more income on your blogs.

5.Jokes blogging topic-

Jokes blogs are the best blogging topic for entertainment. It is the best blog for daily traffics. Create a joke post for sharing WhatsApp or social media.

6.Breaking News blog-

The breaking news blog is the most profitable blog. You can get daily traffics on news blogs. Earning of news blogs is very high.

A news blog is the daily traffic source. Daily Post news on your blogs and share it on social media. If you post daily updates on breaking news you can make a high income from breaking news blogs.

7.Recipe blogging post ideas-

Recipe blogging post ideas are most popular in India. Recipe blogs are suitable for women to post a recipe on google the search volume of recipe blogs in India is 100k to 200k. It is the best way to make money very well. To write daily blogs about recipe ex. Pav bhaji recipe.

8.Travel blog-

Traveling blogs are the most popular blogs. You can share your experience of traveling. Also share tourism places, tips, and more on these blogs. If you write You can earn more income from traveling to blogs.

You can also write about the best traveling places in India. The write is traveling blogs to getting traveling information with photos.

9.Career guide blog-

The career guide blog is also the most profitable blog. You can guide a career in a student. The search volume on this blog is very well.

Write blogs about the best career nowadays or best colleges. The better classes, the Best ways to making a career in this field, career ways, and more.

10.Health blog-

It is the best blogging topic to share health tips. If you have knowledge about health tips it is the best way to share your knowledge and making money.

Health blogs are also suitable for medical field related persons or doctors.

11.lifestyle blog-

A lifestyle blog is related to daily updates and lifestyle. It is the best blog to write about daily lifestyle. Lifestyle blogs are the most profitable blog. You can earn more money from a lifestyle blog.

12.Motivation bogs-

Create a motivational status on your blogs for more traffic. You can also create a motivational status downloaded blog.

The motivation blog is the best traffic blog. Create a motivational post for generating more money. The search volume of the motivational blog on google is very high.


The search volume of the above blog is very high most people writing blogs on the above traffic and generating passive income from Google online from home.

If you want to make money online, write unique articles on the above blogs, and write a daily post on your blog for getting more traffic from google.

The above is the best topic to write blogs. Choose the above topic on your knowledge. The above is the best idea to write blogs and earn money. The search volume of the above blogs is very high.

Thousand of internet user searches on the internet about the above bog. You write blogs on your knowledge and write unique to rank blogs on google.

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