8 Best ways to make passive income | Make money online in 2021.

8 Best ways to make passive income

Now Days Online earning is the most important part of life, everyone wants to make money online from home or wants online best side jobs but they have not any ideas to make passive income.

Today we bring 8 Best ways to make passive income | Make Money Online in 2021. Everyone can easily generate side income.

We did not have a whole lot of time. So in this post, I’m sharing with you 8 proven ways for younger just like you to make money online in 2021.

8 Best ways to make passive income in 2021.


2.Amazon FBA

3.YouTube channel

4.Test websites

5.Sell your stuff

6.social media consultant

7. Design websites

8.Sell photos-


By the way, this is not just for students anyone of any age who can do these side jobs but since you are young you are experienced in don’t have a flexible schedule these are perfect for students. But like I suggest the best ways to make passive income anyone at any age can do ghostwriting.

Now for those of you who don’t know ghostwriting is basically you write for someone else and it’s called ghostwriting. it so beginners can make around between $20-$25 per writing. This is good and that’s per 600 to 700 words so why would you do this well?

Find work you can become a freelancer you can use Upwork you can use Fiverr you can use freelancer.com but basically what you are is you’re a freelance writer and people are paying you for their content.

So the reason I like ghostwriter is that it doesn’t line with what you’re doing you’re already writing so why not get paid to do it.

2.Amazon FBA-

Which stands for fulfillment by Amazon so basically what you’re doing is you sell a product on Amazon but you don’t have to store the inventory at your house you are storing or Amazon to store your inventory for you and when you get an order they ship for you they take care of everything and they just take a fee for it.

So if you do decide to do Amazon FBA you can make anywhere from a thousand dollars a day. I know younger well I don’t personally know them but I’ve seen teenagers who are making thousands of dollars because they are selling a very successful product on Amazon and it’s not a whole lot of work and they’re the best ways to make passive income.

Amazon FBA their courses online you can read more about it that is a great way a great low-cost way it might take a little bit of an investment upfront maybe a thousand dollars or something five hundred but the payoff can be very rewarding.

3.YouTube channel-

Personally, I started this YouTube channel just to learning to get more comfortable speaking in front of a camera but as a by-product, I have started to make a little bit of money.

Now it’s a lot of money just from ads and from YouTube I’m probably making around 300 dollars a month just from the ads but I also have affiliates and I have some side income that comes in from that so even as a small You Tuber you can make money from this side jobs.

Just keep in mind though it takes a lot of work you have to post consistently, you have to be comfortable in front of a camera you have to have the stuff to talk about but it does get easier as you go you will improve you will get better.

A great way to make money online in 2021 because it’s low cost it doesn’t cost anything you can use your Smartphone you can film at your house and so many high scholars, so many students on YouTube who are making more money.

4.Test websites-

There are coders out there who are spending all their time coding and the last thing they want to do is test the website and find the bugs and also they’ve already coded it so they know everything, these passive income ways for that coder they want to make money by side income.

So you can make up to $50 per bug that you find and it’s the best way to make passive income to get started plus it pays well.

You can go you can use a website like test.io and they start paying you for exploring the website and finding those bugs.

5.Sell your stuff-

I find clothes that I don’t wear anymore or find electronics that I don’t use anymore and I sell them and you know I probably made a hundred bucks from that just from selling my old stuff.

You could also find a niche product and sell that online if you’re good at building things you can build cool things and sell them on Etsy or something like that.

So you know the rate really varies if you find a successful thing to sell and you get a good side income business set up then you can make a lot of money in 2021.

If you’re making t-shirts you can pay someone to make the design and then you can sell the shirt.

so very flexible selling stuff online it allows you there’s a lot of money out there that best ways to make passive income from home.

6.social media consultant-

Now I know what you’re thinking about social media you know consultant that sounds like something you have to go to college for and not even social meaning about digital media but here’s the thing there are a lot of old business owners out there who don’t understand the technology they don’t understand social media they don’t understand digital marketing Facebook Instagram all that stuff.

So as someone who’s younger you can really want to side income, this skills that you have grown up with and you can help those older business owners out you can get them set up a social media you can post for them you can run their accounts you can do advertising for them online and the reason this is so great is that you can do it from your home and you can set your own rate.

It’ll increase your exposure by this much so it’s up to you you’re pretty much an entrepreneur you’re in charge of that business but use those skills that you have because they’re out there are people out there who could really make passive income from this side jobs.

7. Design websites-

Now coding sort of becoming a thing in the past because you have WordPress, Wix all these different platforms now to help build websites but web design still is a necessity even for people out there who are using Wix or WordPress or these website builders, they don’t a lot of people don’t have an eye for design and they don’t know how to set these websites up.

So you can kind of be a consultant and you can help businesses small businesses improve their websites improve their design the user experience and again this will pay a rate.

You want it to be so you don’t have to know how to code if you know how to code that’s a bonus but just with the design and creating a layout and making it look good that is enough in itself so reach out to businesses grow your business and you know that’s a great way to make some extra cash.

8.Sell photos-

There are a lot of royalty-free photo websites now like pixels or I think it’s free to pick free picker or pixabay that’s it basically if you have some good photos you sell them to you sell them for cheap and then people can use them royalty-free and I don’t know what the income is that you can make from these photos but I know you are paid royalties so maybe the more it’s used the more you’re paid.

So those are 8 great ways to make money online as a teenager it is guaranteed I’ve seen so many people use these different methods and they’re you know making money. If this post you found helpful and that if you have any questions make sure to put them in the comments below.

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